You have existential questions. You wonder if you have good reasons to get up in the morning and go on pursuing your life.
You have difficulty understanding yourself and others.
You want to focus better and
sharpen your mind
Pocket Philosopher
Your personal philosopher

Do you want to critically examine your life?

Having questions or doubts about one's own life is not a handicap or a disease: it is totally legitimate and healthy. Unless one suffers too much, there is no reason to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

If one is willing and able to reason, these are philosophical questions and should be dealt as such. It means to think, instead of being prisoner of one's feelings.
Socrates said:

"The unexamined life is not worth living"
This is the reason we created Pocket Philosopher.

Too often we don't have an interlocutor with whom we can discuss those issues. Family and friends are too eager just to console or propose their own solutions.

And without regular cognitive work
the mind loses its power
analyze your actions and routines
identify the reasons for your own behavior
envisage other possibilities and choices
learn to reconcile with your own finitude
sharpen your mind
learn to understand yourself and others
master your own self in order not to complain and think like a victim
find one's place in the world and assume one's identity
learn to better educate and nurture children
In a Socratic tradition the function of the philosopher is to make us reflect, enjoy thinking, and produce our own ideas and perspectives.
Does God exist?
What is my goal in life?
How can I think better?
Questions can be general or personal. The main task of a philosopher is to help his interlocutor to clarify, deepen and problematize his own thoughts, and to provide some enlightenment based on the philosophical tradition, examining how different philosophical schools or philosophers could look at those issues.

A philosopher will train your mind, by proposing questions and exercises, so that you can do this later by yourself.


For people who want to develop thinking skills
We teach how to:

  • Think critically
  • Evaluate people
  • Practice the art of questioning
  • Write a text, a work report or an academic document
  • Give good arguments
  • Analyze texts
  • Become clearer and more focused
  • Understand oneself
  • Make judgements and set up priorities
Pocket Philosopher
Philosophical assistance at any moment
At any moment
6 languages
Meet our team
Different interlocutors are at your disposal through chat or email in different languages, in order to reflect with you about your preoccupations.
Oscar Brenifier
Philosophy Practitioner
Oscar is the president of Institute of Philosophical Practice (Paris). He has a PhD in philosophy. He has been promoting philosophical practice for many years in more than 50 countries. He wrote more than 30 books for children and adults. His specialties: philosophical counseling, philosophy for children, philosophy in business.
Viktoria Chernenko
Philosophy Practitioner
Viktoria is the creator of Thinking Consultancy company and Pocket Philosopher project. She is writing PhD in philosophy and has MA in psychology. She has been promoting philosophical practice for 8 years in 25 countries, through workshops and individual consultations. Her specialties: philosophical counseling, philosophy in business, the art of evaluation.
Jérome Lecoq
Philosophy Practitioner
After having worked 15 years in the software industry, Jerome started to use philosophical practice to train individuals and groups in thinking skills and has been doing so for the past 10 years. Jerome published a book about philosophical practice together with numerous articles. Jerome holds a Master's degree in business and a PhD in philosophy.
Sandrine Thevenet
Philosophy Practitioner, Artist
Graduated from the Beaux-Arts School in Rouen, Sandrine is a painter and a sculptor. Today she's running workshops that combine artistic activity and art of philosophical questioning, proposing a reflection on the process of creation. During 10 years has been conducting workshops and individual trainings, and is now specialized in philosophical counseling.
Alex Cosmescu
Philosophy Practitioner, Linguist
Alex is a philosopher, poet, and linguist. He has a PhD in Philology and a MA in Philosophy, and he is a researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, where he is investigating the relation between body and language – what does the fact that we, humans, are embodied, speaking beings tell about us. His specialties: philosophical counseling, close reading, experiential writing.
Leila Bierre
Philosophy Practitioner, Singer
Leila grew up in philosophical practice. She has been assisting to many seminars, workshops, and different sorts of philosophical work, and has become a practitioner herself since a few years. She is studying music since her young age, and is about to have a music license in Montreal. She lives an artistic life where she combines both music and philosophy.
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  • You can upgrade your subscription any time you want
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  • You can write to your philosopher as much as you want
  • Philosopher will be responding to you every day maximum twice per day
  • You can upgrade your subscription any time you want
  • We can use any means comfortable for you: email, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

One month
  • You can write to your philosopher as much as you want
  • You will receive weekly written exercises to train thinking: argumentation, questioning, interpretation, etc.
  • Every week the philosopher will send you feedback on each exercise with recommendations to work on
  • Exercises are chosen personally for you
  • You can change your subscription any time you want
Video discussion
  • Weekly Skype sessions with a philosopher, 90 minutes each
  • 10 sessions over 10 weeks
  • Written weekly exercises between the sessions
  • You will practice argumentation, interpretation, problematization, etc
  • The program is designed specifically for you
  • You can work both on developing your thinking or on existential issues
Upon request
You are a philosophy practitioner and would like to join our team?
Or you want to be trained to be a practitioner?
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